zondag 13 juli 2014

Summer holiday


While my daughters were still fast asleep, I tiptoed out of the house at a half past seven, to go the garden. I had to do communal work at the allotment complex, which is obligatory (eight times a year). It was one of those jobs my husband used to do. I  wasn't that keen this morning, missing my workout at the gym with my friends, but I have to say that I sort of liked it. It was really relaxing.

I volunteered to tidy up one of the rosaries: doing some dead heading and getting rid of old wood and weeds. As it was a warm and humid day, I wore a t-shirt on my jeans only. Looking back, it wasn't such a good idea to volunteer to do the rose garden, wearing only this. My hands and arms are completely covered in scratches, as I forgot my gloves as well! Coming home, the girls asked me what happened to me. They thought I had been in a fight :-)

Afterwards I spent some time in my own garden. Cutting my way through the jungle, making lots of photo's and preparing the garden for our absence. Why do sweet peas always start to flower when we are going on vacation :-)?! The tomatoes are nearly ready to eat as well......

I am taking a blog break. My daughters, son in law and I are going on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two......we are  going.....to the UK, to Kent to be precise, to stay in a cottage on a beautiful estate. I chose the prettiest cottage with the loveliest surroundings I could find. We all need lots of good vibes, this being our first holiday without Jan. It will be difficult, but hopefully it will be good as well.

Wishing you a wonderful summer! See you soon!


Madelief x

zondag 6 juli 2014

End of season party

In between work, watching football (Hurray to the Dutch national team for reaching the semi finals), I managed to spent a few hours in the garden. I had to prepare for the end of season party of the choir I sing in, which was held in my garden.

The only thing I had to to do was to lay the table for 21 and make the garden look acceptable (oh those weeds, they grow so fast)! The girls from the choir brought salads, quiches, soups and dessert. We had an absolutely delightful time, enjoying the delicious food and late evening sun. In today's post some of this weeks highlights.

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments on my last post too. I always feel sort of shy, posting photo's of myself, but the thing is that I like it when other bloggers do the same. I enjoy seeing the face behind the blog. Glad to read that you appreciated it too.

Wishing you a Happy week!


Madelief x

donderdag 3 juli 2014

Let's dress vintage

A quick in between post to show you my latest vintage finds from the UK. I almost forgot I promised to show you :-). When shopping for vintage clothes in thrift stores in The Netherlands, I rarely find anything, but in the UK I always strike gold. And the prices, oh the prices. The most expensive item in my photo's was only four pounds.That makes a girls heart sing ;-)!

I combined the photo's of my vintage finds with photo's taken at De Dakakker, a rooftop garden in Rotterdam city centre. So you actually get two post in one :-)

You enter the garden through the Schieblock building. Walking the stairs to the top floor is quite a climb, but worth it. On your way up, the building itself and the old photographs and prints catch your eye. The rooftop garden is fun. At De Dakakker they grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. My daughter told me they have a long waiting list of people who would like to do volunteer work. If I did not have the allotment, I would be interested too.

The fruit and veg all look immaculate! I wonder if they have any snails up on the roof? Forgot to ask, ha. ha....:-). You can even have tea or coffee there. It's quite fun! The view of the city centre really good!

By the way, there is a great shop on the ground floor of the Schieblock building too, called Groos, a concept store selling only products by Rotterdam designers. 

Well, that's it for now. I think I will take you to my garden next time, to show you some photo's of a party I had for 21 girls. After that.....holiday!!

Hope it's sunny wherever you are! It is in Rotterdam :-)


Madelief x

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