vrijdag 18 april 2014

Happy Easter

Hello everyone,

With the gardening season on it's way, I have an urge to spend every free minute in my allotment garden. When I open my curtains early in the morning and see the first rays of sunlight, I can't wait to step on my bicycle and cycle to the outskirts of town, where my garden is. Hopefully, weather permitting, I will be able to spend some time there the coming days. I planned a brunch on Easter Sunday, so please cross your fingers for lots and lots of sunshine!!!

When I am not in the garden, I am on the hunt for vintage treasures. The two brown coffee pots by Villeroy & Boch are my latest finds. Although I normally only buy floral porcelain and china, I could not resist these brown beauties.

On today's photo's you can see what's in bloom in my garden. My tulips still stand up straight. The first flowers of the Jacobs ladder and phlox 'clouds of perfume' are in bloom. So are the white anemones and euphorbia. Oh and I planted some tomatoes in my greenhouse (yellow pear, cherry and one I forgot the name of). I have to admit, I cheated. Normally, I grow them myself, but because the past months have been crazy, I bought some seedlings :-).

Are you going to spend time outdoors this Easter? Or will you be visiting friends and family?  

Wishing you a Happy time!

Love, Madelief x

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zaterdag 12 april 2014

Enchanted April


A quick hello from a dusty Madelief, who is sitting on her living room floor, covered in spider webs and other sorts of dirt, while she should be in her garden, enjoying the sunshine and flowers :-) 

When I lookout over my laptop, my daughter Annebelle neatly stacked the books that came out of only three bookcases. The piles are huge! The girls and I emptied the front part of the living room. A  carpenter is helping us to sand and oil the floor. Next weekend I will have to empty the back part of the living room. That's means I have to find a safe place for my hundreds of tea cups ;-). Hope they will survive the move!

I keep chatting about my living room, while today's post is all about my garden. I hope you don't mind me showing you more photo's of my tiny tulip field. It keeps surprising me. While my green tulips (Spring Green & Greenland) and orange/pink tulips (Salmon Prince) are slowly fading away, a new white variety (name unknown :-)), with bright pink edges, pops up. There is a lot popping up in the garden: geranium cantabrigiense karmina, spiraea and forget me nots. I picked several to make little bouquets to take home with me. Isn't April an enchanting month?!

A dear blogfriend, with a beautiful brocante shop in Rotterdam Kralingen, kept me company in the garden last Wednesday. If you are curious who she is and would like to see more photo's, please have a look at her blog.

Wishing you a Happy weekend!


Madelief x


zaterdag 5 april 2014

A bunch of tulips

When I woke up this morning, I could hardly get out of my bed. A busy working week had taken it's toll. I felt about eighty! Even a cup of my favourite coffee did not help. The best remedy at times like this is to go to the garden. Especially on a fine spring morning like today. It really works wonders!

When I walked to my allotment garden, passing clouds of pink cherry trees and the last white plum blossoms, I was delighted to see the change.

The front part of my garden was covered in yellow nettles, blue muscari and lungworth. In my small tulip field, an explosion of colour had taken place. The thing is: I couldn't remember which tulip bulbs I put in the ground, so I was happy to see they matched beautifully.

I did not do much today. I enjoyed the sunshine, had a cup of tea with my eldest daughter, took lots and lots of photo's (more coming soon) and picked a bunch of tulips for a special person. 

Thank you for your sweet comments on last weeks blog post. They made my week a bit lighter!

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Happy weekend!


Madelief x

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