woensdag 20 mei 2015

Vin'tea'guing in Ely


Just came back from four wonderful days in Ely, a small historic town in the south of Cambridgeshire (UK). Ely is well known for it's connection with Oliver Cromwell, who once lived here and for it's famous cathedral with octagonal tower, which you can spot from miles around.

We had a lovely cottage called The coach house, which I can recommend to you. It's full of period features and vintage treasures. It has a lovely garden, where you can sit in, have a lovely cream tea or read a book on a sunny day, like we did.

Our stay in Ely would not have been complete without a visit to Peacock's tearoom, which was recommended by several of you. We liked it so much that we visited twice and ate far too much cake :-).

We spent a long time in the antique centre near the river. Over sixty dealers are housed in an old eighteenth century building, which was used as a malt house once and even as a morgue in the second world war. The variety of antiques on offer is large: military memorabilia, household ware, porcelain, furniture etc.. I found an antique embroidered tablecloth for in my garden and an old Pears print and dressing table set for in my new bathroom. Oh...and a sweet floral teacup. I could not resist that one either :-)

Thank you once again for your kind suggestions of places to visit. Hurray to social media!  Wish we had more time. Four days is much too short to visit this beautiful county.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Madelief x

* When you have a size 8 or 10 and love vintage dresses and live near Ely, do go to the antique centre to buy the amazing green floral dress on my photo ;-). Unfortunately I did not fit into it, but it's so sweet!

zondag 10 mei 2015

Explosion of flowers

Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions of places to visit in Cambridgeshire. I appreciate them very much. I will be leaving this week and looking forward to my stay immensely. Hopefully the weather will hold. 

Wherever I look in my garden I see flowers. Mostly in blue (bluebells, forget-me-nots, corn flowers, Spanish hyacinths), purple (Jacob's ladder, phlox clouds of perfume), pink (forest hyacinths, wallflower, lilacs, clematis Montana) and white (Salomon's seal and sweet woodruff). 
In between yellow netels pop up and make it all look even more cheerful. 

The tulips are almost done now and the aliums are starting to bloom. There are fat buds on the roses, rhododendrons and peonies. So much is happening. Everytime I visit I am in for a surprise.

The garden may look beautiful on the photo's, but each year I am fighting the slugs and witch grass.  The slugs have started on my lupins already and the shoots of my dahlia's are not safe either. Worst of all is the witch grass. It's slowly taking over my garden. If one of you can tell me what's the best way to conquer it, I would be really happy. What problems do you face in your garden?

As I am off to the UK, next weekends blogpost may appear a couple of days later.

Have a good week!


Madelief x 

zondag 3 mei 2015

Tulips from Rotterdam



Thank you for your sweet comments on last weeks post. I am glad you liked it. Now and then I get requests to show photos of my home or vintage clothes and porcelain. I forgot who it was (was it you Wanda?), but one of you asked me to post photo's of my tulips once in bloom. Here they are: tulips from Rotterdam

Unfortunately I lost quite a few tulip bulbs over winter. Do you remember last years tulip patch I was so proud of? Well, there is not much left of it. Some small animal with sharp teeth thought it was a delicacy and ate most of it. Such a shame. I hope the little brute had a good meal though. At least he enjoyed the bulbs......:-)

For those of you who would like to know the names of the tulips on my photo's: the dark plum/black one 'Queen of the Night', the purple frailed one 'Blue Herron', the white tulip 'Spring green', the tall bright pink one 'Holland Beauty' and the soft double pink one 'Angelique'. 

In one of my next posts I will show you some photo's of my garden house (on request as well) :-) It may take a week or three though, because I will be off to Cambridgeshire (UK) soon. Do you perhaps have suggestions on interesting/beautiful places to visit? I would love to hear !

Wishing you all a happy week ahead with lots of sunshine and spring temperatures. It's raining cats and dogs in Rotterdam at the moment.


Madelief x 


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